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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Review: "The Great Gatsby: Soundtrack" (2013) "Envokes The Younger Ages"

By: Gabriel Roderick

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So today will be our very first CD review!

And Jay Z definitely helps make this process even easier.

Instead of reviewing each song, I'll talk about the album as a whole. I understand the point of a soundtrack but this collaboration and star power of artists because it's open entity.

The opening song is Jay-Z's 100$ Bill will a insert of Gatsby talking.  Then there a few more sudden lines from what I assume is the movie in the songs!

This album paints to pictures, well two movies. A movie that reflects The Great Gatsby that was filmed then another pictured from the book.

So the songs go in order of how the events of the book take place per say. Gatsby is loaded with money, partying and of course the notorious affair. Once the fun and games are over and we have tragedy after tragedy plague our characters. Then the finale song ends with the phrase, "Kill and Run". You also see a tones of suspense, happiness, joyful and then sadness as the songs progress for about a hour.

I'm sure once I see the movie I'll be able to put scenes from the movie to each of the songs, just looking at the trailers I see why they choose these songs.

Mr. Baz Luhrmann paints such a great picture with his interpretation, it's nice that Jay-Z could match this with his songs.

This album just seems to fit to perfectly, I can't really describe it. It's just write. Like the Star Wars background music when the Empire appears, these songs where made for this movie.

The irony of it is there's some techno, rap, soul and just plain non jazzy songs which in the timeline of the Great Gatsby would not fit the film at all.

The one song that I first saw accompanied to this trailer was Jay Z, Frank Ocean and Kayne West's No Church In The Wild. This song I was surprised was not on the album seeing as it's the epitome
 of Jay Gatsby and his life styles that he tries to teach Nick. Also seeing as this was Leonardo Di'Caprio's idea to bring Jay Z in to incorporate Hip-Hop especially after Baz heard the song!

I was worried how this soundtrack would fair without that song, but with the collaboration of each artist involved, these modern day songs fit the scene of a older time. Just like in Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet!

1990s lifestyle meets a Shakespeare play?

Unheard of! 

Now again nearly 15 years later! I'm okay with his interpretation of modern music and older social
life. The connections are just there, it's important to know that without Jazz without these elaborate parties there would be no Hip-hop no Dub step no elaborate rapper's parties.

Jazz did in fact help pave the way in the music industry and the soundtrack like the movie pays homage to a well worked time.

As I said before the transition of the songs are suppose to paint the picture for you, sometimes it's not as vivid right away. You may have to dig a little deeper in each song, listen a little more closely to get the overall message that pertains to each scene. Otherwise you may listen to it as most soundtracks a cluster of songs pertaining to a movie. This album attempts specifics and the most part hits the nail on the head.

The transition also becomes much darker. Granted the film is a dark film towards the end, the lyrics and overall tone become kind of "haunting" as you progress. The last song as I said "Kill and Run" and that is said nearly 10 times to further the point. It becomes a ghostly voice almost telling you the tragedy. The good that comes out from the darkness is that it adds some new modernism to the album.

01. Jay-Z – 100$ Bill
02. Beyoncé and André 3000 – Back to Black
03. – Bang Bang
04. Fergie, Q-Tip, and GoonRock – A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)
05. Lana Del Rey – Young and Beautiful
06. Bryan Ferry with The Bryan Ferry Orchestra – Love Is The Drug
07. Florence and the Machine – Over The Love
08. Coco O. of Quadron – Where The Wind Blows
09. Emeli Sandé and The Bryan Ferry Orchestra – Crazy in Love
10. The xx – Together
11. Gotye – Hearts a Mess
12. Jack White – Love is Blindness
13. Nero – Into the Past
14. Sia – Kill And Run

Our Honest View gives, The Great Gatsby Soundtrack a 8/10. This album does push boundaries, painting several stories for the listeners who are intrigued. However cutting a vital song to the main character of the movie, not very wise.The counterbalance between the artists on this collaboration is what brings lights and dark's to the album truly making it a work of art.


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